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Movember Gnome

Gnomes are big movember fans

Halloween Pumpkin

Let's carve Halloween Pumpkins with CSS.


We humans think owls are wise and smart just because they have cool and can't_be_bothered look but the truth is this behaviour is a defence mechanism to hide the constantly tense owl. Can't believe it? Take, for example, the way they blink - sometimes they can't even relax to blink with both their eyes so they do it separately to make sure everything is under control. Yes, yes, it is true their blink is slow and calm but this is the only way to mislead us. Owls do something similar with their heads and bodies - bodies bring relaxed image while their heads have evolved to do all the work by turning and tilting in every possible direction to keep an eye (or two) on everything around. This is the Owl CSS quest. Don't hesitate to show their true anxious nature.

Bedroom Ghost

It might sound completely unreal but there are people who still believe in ghosts. Is 'believe' the right word or is it 'see'? Ghosts hide under the beds or in the wordrobes or just come up from a completely unknown places. There are many 'ghost in the bedroom' stories and all of them probably sound surreal but we, the bravest CSS lovers, know they are true! Can you do your ghost friend you have recently seen?

Flying Rocket

Let's move from the Earth-related quests and try to do a rocket in space.

Dancing Cactus

Do cacti look like the most listless plants in the world to you? May be they are but we don't know for sure. They might be the best plant mimes ever to exist on planet Earth who do the Cactus Dance every time we turn our heads away. May be that's why they have the hands_in_the_air pose the whole time. This quest is about the Dancing Cactus. If you think it is all conspiracy and cacti don't dance, do a Motionless Cactus instead.

Favourite Cocktail

This is a quest for those of us who always wanted to do the magic of cocktail mixing or the ones who got the chance to do it in real life and now they want to show off. Let's get into the role of a bartender, go behind the CSS bar and make ourselves the mixed drink we like most. Yes, bartenders can consume CSS cocktails at their workplace, so we are allowed to have one of our favourites. Keep in mind that the CSS bar is quite famous for its attractive cocktail decorations. It also offers a huge variety of beers from all over the world for the ones who are not into mixed drinks. Don't forget that actual alcoholic cocktails are not like CSS cocktails. Drink responsibly.

Camp Fire

So, yesterday it was the summer solstice and the beginning the season everybody loves. Okay, may be not everybody - some don't like the heat - but still summer is the season when we get the chance to relax, have fun with family and friends and spend some time around the nature, for example by camping on the beach or going on a mountain trip. Even though the days are hot, the same can't be said about the nights. Going through the night without camping fire is not an option. Plus, the barbeque is a must for a well spent night in the nature. This quest is about securing our good summer experience and learning how to make a camp fire.

Mouse in the House

Everybody has seen a mouse in the house once or twice in their life or at least has heard vivid stories of encounters between people and mice. Yes, it is possible a three-second-long experience to become a ten-minute-long story of life and death. Some find them cute, others disgusting but the truth is, no matter what we think of them, they seem not to like us. When mice meet human beings they run like crazy. (Some people do that, too, when they see mice..or other people but that's another story.) When mice are alone, however, they quite enjoy gnawing what's near at hand. Preferably a fallen piece of cheese. So, this next quest is dedicated to the popular house pet that some don't choose to have - the House Mouse! You choose to scare yours and make it run or to feed it a piece of cheese, or draw a happy mouse portrait.

Automatic Door

It is always nice when we come close to a door and it opens automatically. It is more hygienic, takes no effort to push or pull, or figure out the direction usually starting with the wrong one, also they make us feel somehow special recognising our intentions and acting accordingly. The purpose of this quest is to create an automating door that opens when the cursor is within close distance to the door. Extra quest for the bravest: If the cursor goes in, the surroundings change simulating entering a different area.


The aim of this quest is to draw a penguin with CSS. Feel free to include animation of your choice in your submission if you like. We all know that penguins don't fly, but did you know that they can slide?

Rotating Security Camera

Security cameras are cute and at the same time a little bit scary. All they have is a cute big eye and a little bit of a body to hold it. Who wouldn't be fascinated by a big all-seeing almost human-like eye. At the same time, the concept of a device watching you and following your every move is disturbing, isn't it? May be we wouldn't be so creeped out if it didn't move or didn't indicate in any that we are actually not alone in the room. Let's see if we can CSS-draw a security camera that looks at us or follows us wherever we go, or just moves randomly but still manages to examine the whole area it occupies.