Mouse in the House

Everybody has seen a mouse in the house once or twice in their life or at least has heard vivid stories of encounters between people and mice. Yes, it is possible a three-second-long experience to become a ten-minute-long story of life and death. Some find them cute, others disgusting but the truth is, no matter what we think of them, they seem not to like us. When mice meet human beings they run like crazy. (Some people do that, too, when they see mice..or other people but that's another story.) When mice are alone, however, they quite enjoy gnawing what's near at hand. Preferably a fallen piece of cheese.

So, this next quest is dedicated to the popular house pet that some don't choose to have - the House Mouse! You choose to scare yours and make it run or to feed it a piece of cheese, or draw a happy mouse portrait.

7 years, 11 months ago

7 years, 10 months ago